Artist Info

I paint because I feel completely driven to do it. I love the process of discovering a subject that interests me, and then digging in to see what exactly will happen. Will the process be smooth, or will this painting generate unforeseen problems? What emotions do I have about the subject as I spend hours studying it and working with it? Can I communicate these emotions to the viewer?

My most successful paintings are those that seem to "paint themselves" from the moment I begin them. These rare occasions are particularly joyful times when I feel totally relaxed, focused, and "centered." The final products of these nearly mystical experiences are always paintings that I value greatly. I have found that these are also the paintings that other people seem to like the best.

I am often drawn to subjects that evoke either a sense of peace or a sense of loneliness and isolation. Maine, particularly, offers an abundance of landscapes and buildings that catch my attention.

I work both on location and in my West Paris studio.